I passed a field filled with tractors in Tamworth, NH. and stopped just to make a few photos. These antique tractors harken back to a simpler time.

The way in which the front ends differ is interesting. Obviously, the one with the bucket on the front is different but if you notice the John Deere tractors’ front wheels are set close together while the Farmall’s are fairly wide apart. There are a couple of tractors here that I can’t tell the make from this image.

I’ve found getting a decent image of a spider web to be challenging. The light and background make a big difference. I found this web on one of the tractors.

36 thoughts on “Tractors

  1. China Dream

    are you in close proximity to NH. lucky you. It is a State I want to explore more of. Who knows now when the borders will reopen.. Great find. Waves a sunny good morning.

  2. Les

    Tractors like that one can be found around here at places. Most of the time they are covered with weeds or rusted. They are tractors from the past, but nice to photograph.

      1. Lookoom

        Travelling around Prince Edward Island, I once came across a large collection of Cockshutt tractors, dozens of them in front of a farm. While doing some research, I found out that the aging owner was having a hard time trying to sell them. It’s sad that what can be a costly passion for some people falls into no value when it hits the market.

  3. suzannesmom

    Distant family connects me to one of those brands, and from the little I know of that time, it wasn’t always simpler. A time of laying the groundwork for so many of today’s complications. Still, I do love seeing the old tractors.


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