Smith Bridge – Plymouth, NH

Have you ever wondered what a covered bridge that was built to modern standards would look like?  Well, then consider the Smith Bridge in Plymouth, NH.

This bridge is historic in that there has reportedly been a bridge at this location since 1786.  Back then, money for the bridge was raised by having a lottery or raffle.  (50/50 raffle perhaps?)  The original cost is unknown. 

A new bridge was built in 1850 by  Herman Marcy of Littleton, N.H. for $2,720.92.  It was destroyed by an arsonist in 1993. (Note: This is the second bridge that I’ve photographed in which a predecessor succumbed to arson.)

The new bridge was built to carry two-lane traffic and modern loads.  It looks enormous compared to some of the other bridges I’ve seen.  I do like how open it is on the sides.  It also has a walkway so pedestrians are not on the roadway.  It was dedicated in 2001 and cost 3.3 million. 

28 thoughts on “Smith Bridge – Plymouth, NH

  1. Sandra

    The luxury edition! This one is posh looking. Beautiful images Chris! Hard to imagine what kind of life experiences would lead someone to torch a beautiful bridge like this. Hope you’re doing great!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It is a very posh bridge. It feels massive. So many of the bridges have height and weight restrictions that trucks have to avoid them. One of the arsonists claim that god told him to set fire to the bridge. I don’t see that as being part of a divine plan. Take care.

  2. Sarah

    It does look rather enormous but beautiful nevertheless! And I also like the open sides – always nice for making shadow pics I imagine. 😉


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