Meriden Bridge – Plainfield, NH

This was my favorite shot. By the time I arrived at the bridge, the sun was really strong washing out some of the color in other images.

The Meriden Bridge is in Plainfield, New Hampshire. Like the bridges in neighboring Cornish, NH, this was also built by James Tasker.  He constructed it in 1880 for $465.  Another man, Levi Sanderson, received a separate payment of $220 for building the abutments on which the bridge rests.

I found this bridge to be very picturesque and welcoming.  A plaque on the bridge says that the area beneath the bridge is a popular swimming hole for local youth. 

The Meriden Bridge has its share of difficulties.  The bridge was damaged by Hurricane Carol in 1954 and was later rebuilt using steel beams.  In the spring of 1977, heavy snows caused the roof to cave in.

27 thoughts on “Meriden Bridge – Plainfield, NH

  1. Sandra

    James Tasker was a very busy man. Here is another beauty! I can picture the kids splashing in the swimming hole beneath. I like the details you share Chris. These are really beautiful captures. A great addition to the collection! It’s fun following along with your progress. I hope you’re doing well!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. I read that Tasker built eleven bridges in the area and I imagine he build other things also. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. We are doing well here. I hope you’re well also. 😊

      1. Sandra

        We are doing well too Chris. Just got back from hiking a new trail we discovered off the beaten path. It was beautiful but it’s so warm already. I’m happy to be home again! Tasker seems like an interesting person. I’ll have to google him. Take care Chris!

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Let me know if you find out much about Tasker. I didn’t find much beyond the bridges he made. Good for you getting out and hiking. I was dodging turkeys on my morning ride again. After your joke the other day, I thought of you.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Michelle. Hmm. Maybe si can use shots like the third one for my Halloween post later this year. Imagine that one in black and white.
      BTW, I think I see an email this morning that says I can now view your ebook. Is today the day?

      1. michnavs

        Oh, yes..its today…i mean the ebook is now available today…thank you so much….so much❤

        And yes, that 3rd photo would be a lovely halloween theme, in black and white…and it would give me goosebumps..

  2. Sarah

    The X marks the spot, eh? 😉 Or did I watch too many Indiana Jones movies? 😂 That first shot is indeed fantastic! The bridge seems almost to float among the trees! $465 doesn’t sound much compared to the modern one that cost several millions!


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