The Dingleton Hill Bridge – Cornish, NH

The Dingleton Hill Bridge is another James Tasker bridge and is located a mile or so from the last bridge I visited. He did not constuct this over the river but rather built it in a local school yard and then it was moced here. Which I think is just amazing given that it was built in 1882 and this likely involved some strong oxen.

The state numbers each covered brige and posts one of these signs nearby or on the bridge.

This bridge and the Blasksmith Shop Bridge were both restored in 1983. When it reopened Tasker’s great-grandnephew came up from Connecticut to attend the opening. The cost to restore both was $30,000 and paid for by a mix of federal, local, and private funds. 

24 thoughts on “The Dingleton Hill Bridge – Cornish, NH

  1. michnavs

    James Tasker is a genius to have made all those bridges. I don’t remember that we have covered bridges here…that’s why its really fascinating to see one even in photos..and i am glad you featured them here.
    I love the angle/shot (not sure about the term) of the first photo as it speaks so much on me..looks like the photographer is eavesdropping or something…really intriguing

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Michelle. Each area has its own bit of charm. I was comparing notes with a friend in Spain. She is fascinated with our covered bridges and I’m fascinated with her Roman aqueducts and ancient stone bridges.
      I like that first shot also. I parked across from the flowers and just happened to notice them as I got out of the car. I like how you describe it as almost like eavesdropping.
      Have a great evening. 😊

  2. Sandra

    Wow Chris! That first shot is such a winner. And what amazing details you’re able to uncover, relocation?! Like that’s so simple! Cool picture story. Happy Friday my friend! Take good care

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. The first shot seems very popular. It’s defintely a keeper and will go on next year’s calendar. Thank you. Yes it’s the weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice without being oppressively hot hot here. I’m hoping for some quality outdoors time. I hope you have something fun planned this weekend.

      1. Sandra

        Yay! The weekend is here! I am envious of your comfortable climate. Still sizzling at a steady 98*s around here. No plans really. It’s August Chris! Can you believe it?

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Where did the summer go? Well, we still have August to enjoy; if you can enjoy 98 degrees. But you have the pool and your morning walks. 😊

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