Jungle Truck

Last weekend as I drove the backroads between covered bridges, I had amazing luck as a photographer. Several times, I turned onto a side street or into a parking lot to reprogram my GPS or to check out something that caught my eye. Each time, I found something photoworthy. This old logging truck overgrown with brush was no exception.

It’s been here a long time. When I enlarged the image, I could see the license plate expired in 1995.

What were you doing in 1995? I was in my first job after graduate school. My wife and I were together but not yet married. That year we went to Montreal on vacation.

56 thoughts on “Jungle Truck

      1. michnavs

        I was an intern for a while but didint really push through because i realized i wanted to concentrate on creative writing…but yeah it was a very interesting field as i did graduate..

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        You’re a great creative writer. I think journalism is very competitive and constantly evolving. But it all led to where you are now.

      3. michnavs

        Wow thank you for saying that..and yes, i agree …its a very competetive and complicated world and its not just for me…and as you said it led me to where i am now…😊

  1. Spatz

    Wonderful photo! In 1995, I was in my third year into my first job, just promoted to a senior position and on my way to my first business travel. That’s one thing I don’t really miss.

  2. Sandra

    What a great photo Chris! In 1995 I was living on campus at the University of New Mexico in ABQ having the time of my life. I worked at the cafeteria on campus and the library. Good days. Thanks for the flashback! I hope you’re doing well! Really enjoyed the picture!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photo and it brought back some good memories. It’s a good day here. I hope that life is treating you well. Have a good rest of your day.

  3. David P.

    This image made me think about the abandoned school bus that was removed last month from the Alaskan wilderness. The bus was made famous by author Jon Krakauer’s book “Into the Wild” and the movie of the same name. Hikers would trek 25-miles into the middle of nowhere to camp at the site of the abandoned bus. Some of them died which is the reason the bus was finally removed.

      1. David P.

        The Smithsonian reported that the bus is being kept at a secure, undisclosed location, and there are plans to display it publicly at an undetermined site. A replica is on display in Healy, Alaska.

  4. Footprints

    Ahhh, hidden treasures. I remember seeing an image of a bicycle left in a forest and how a tree grew around the bike, forever lodged together. It makes me think of how well the trees and foliage adapt to the ‘things’ we leave behind. When I first saw the date of 1995, I thought, that wasn’t that long ago, but when I actually recalled the memories of that year, I realized how much time really has passed. My third child was born that year, and he is getting married this year. Great prompt to bring up great memories. Love the picture:)

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      The image of the bicycle in the forest sounds so cool. I thought the same thing when I saw 1995, but wow, so much has happened in that time. Ah, so your son is getting married this year; that’s great. It was a fun prompt because many of the people who responded were doing something very different back then. Thank you and have a great day.

  5. Garfield Hug

    A lucky find! In 1995 i was in a new job haha! I lost that job when Asian Financial Crisis hit in 1997. First in first out was management’s decision. I love your old truck photo…so unique in the hidden brushes.


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