Blacksmith Shop Bridge – Cornish, NH

You can barely see this bridge through the trees. It’s not quite visible from the road.

The Blacksmith Shop Bridge is closed to vehicular traffic and practically in the woods, but it’s one of my favorites. Many people liked the bridge with the picnic table that I showed on Sunday, but the secluded nature and rustic charm of this bridge make it my pick for a picnic. Just bring a blanket, your lunch, and perhaps a bottle of wine.

Cornish, NH is home to four covered bridges. All four were built by one person, James Tasker, and one is the longest bridge in the United States.

The sign is a little vintage but reads “Pass at your own risk”.

It was built in 1881 by James Tasker at a cost of $873.  Tasker was a prolific bridge builder and is known to have built at least eleven bridges in this area.

It was given the name because it was located close to a local blacksmith shop. Interestingly the bridge was only used by one family. 

The Mill Brook passes beneath the bridge.

44 thoughts on “Blacksmith Shop Bridge – Cornish, NH

  1. China Dream

    now that is a great little gem.. my concern would be the mosquito we have so many of those around here, I’m being woossseyyyy…. long pants long sleeves…

  2. Sandra

    A hidden gem! Is it safe for pedestrian’s to cross? How interesting that it was used by only one family! That first shot is especially striking. Nice work Chris! I hope you’re doing well!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I crossed it and it seems safe enough. I wonder if the sign and chain is for ATVs and snowmobiles which are popular here. I wish I had time to explore the trail behind it. Have a great day.

  3. Nancy

    That first photo grabbed my attention. Then you said a bottle of wine!
    Perfect picnic place for sure. Now… please take your wife here. She would love it… I just know it.

    Thank you for taking us to your favorite bridge. 😊

    Have a wonderful evening, Chris.

  4. michnavs

    Really stunning shots…i love it..especially the first one, it has a lot of character. And i love old, rustic things too maybe that’s why…i adore old architectural places…or simply anythings hold through a story to tell…

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Michelle. I really liked the first shot also. I rememberer walking along the path to the bridge and taking the shot. I was thinking that with all the brush and distance, it may be a throw away shot, but its my favorite of the bunch. Yes, old architectural places are wonderful. I’m likewise drwn to them. Have a great day.


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