The Path of Life

These remind me of the head sculptures on Easter Island but are made from charred wood, not stone.

Last weekend while taking pictures of covered bridges, I detoured over (or through) one of the bridges to Windsor, VT, the home of the Path of Life Sculpure Garden.

Visitors experience the story of the great circle of life while traveling through sculptures of varying sizes and materials. Inspired by a famous garden in Europe, these eighteen works of art symbolize the journey from birth to death and beyond.Source 

They had a whole band of giant musicians like this drummer but the rest were backlit and not looking especially photogenic.

I would like to have explored more but it was nearing 90 degrees Farenheit and I was in direct sun. I skipped doing the labrynth and a couple of the sculptures.

The brochure has a photo of a group of visitors reclining on these boards.

The garden is located in a 14-acre of field of trails, wildflowers and open spaces on the banks of the Connecticut River. The path is also home to some of a 5+ mile trail network, groomed in the winter for dogsledding, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

The above images give you some sense of the labrynth. Maybe next time.

41 thoughts on “The Path of Life

  1. Garfield Hug

    I looked at your photos and it reminded me of New Zealand for the wooden figures looked like the tiki gods of NZ. The red blocks reminded me of Tibet where these resemble the turning wheels of Tibetan Buddhism. Nice indeed! Reminded me of my Rinpoche too πŸ™‚

  2. Sandra

    Cool Chris! Great bright and sunny shots. I really like the peek into the labrynth. I understand though when it’s too hot it’s just no fun. Happy Saturday to you my friend! 🌞

  3. Nancy

    How wonderful to have so many of these places close by. Neat shots and the labyrinth was neat. You show us again on a cooler day… Have a wonderful week!

  4. Sarah

    Love the head sculptures and the pic of the boards sans reclining visitors. At first I thought it was a flower sculpture and the boards were the petals. πŸ˜„


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