Franklin and Tilton Railroad Trestle

I have a thing for train trestles. It goes back to the movie Stand By Me. If you don’t know, the clip is here.

This is an old trestle and trains no longer cross it. I drove under a modern trestle this weekend. It was all steel and as such more sparse in the supports. I like that this is all made from timbers and the pattern is more intricate.

The Franklin and Tilton Railroad Trestle crosses the Winnepesaukee River in Franklin, NH, and was used by the once-thriving paper mills there. The rail line was decommissioned in 1973.

21 thoughts on “Franklin and Tilton Railroad Trestle

  1. loisajay

    That was such a great movie. This trestle is beautiful, but I’m really glad it is not in use anymore. I think I would hold my breath the entire time it went over this.

  2. Sandra

    Oh I love that movie too! Stephen King is a great story teller! This is a great image with the reflection in the water. Looks like a beautiful day! Happy Friday Chris! Take good care

  3. Sarah

    Very nice shot! I also have a soft spot for these kind of intricate constructions and was instantly reminded of Stand By Me seeing this trestle!😀


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