My Morning Ride

This summer, I’ve been riding my bike most mornings about 14 hilly miles to the next town over and back. This spot is along the way. I was waiting for the light to be right to make this image. If I’m later, the sun pokes around the trees and ruins the shot. Also, I liked the mist in this.

44 thoughts on “My Morning Ride

  1. niasunset

    I loved too… this is great view… Thank you for sharing with us, I felt as if I was there too. Love, nia

  2. China Dream

    whoa.. what tenacity, what discipline.. could you parcel a bit of that and send it my way, please..I’m still wiping the cobwebs away. But then you have always been a person with an abundance of energy when you need it. Obviously patience too. great shot. Good morning to you dear friend, have a grand day!

  3. Nancy

    You did it Chris! You nailed it! And the mist made it extra special. What a lovely view on this Wednesday morning. Thank you.
    Enjoy your day Chris!

  4. Footprints

    What an amazing shot!! Your timing seems perfect. It is interesting how the lighting can dramatically change the result. I have accidentally taken some good pictures, but would love to someday master timing a shot like this. Well done! Thanks for sharing with and inspiring so many of us!~Andi

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. Nice to meet you, Andi. The light does make all of the difference in many shots. If you get into it, you end up taking photos at rather odd hours (while your friends and loved ones sleep or eat dinner) and waiting for the light to change. But the results are so worth it. Have a great day. ~Chris


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