Lensball and Bridge

I’ve posted here before about trying to use a generic lensball and other optics to make images. This is my latest attempt. It was prompted by a granite post in front of a bridge I photographed last weekend. I thought the post would do a fine job of holding the ball to get the bridge both in the ball and in the background. The adventure and learning continue….

30 thoughts on “Lensball and Bridge

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I’m not sure about that. Sadly, I realized I did a whole shoot this past weekend and left it in the car. I need to get better about getting it out.

  1. Les

    I have a Lens Ball myself, but don’t use it like it can be used. I have, like you, used a solid place to sit the ball on. Works good, but then you should rotate the Image using Photoshop. I’ve done that in the past. Have also found that holding the ball in one hand while trying to focus with the camera in the other, is not easy to do. I use a Tripod, at times to place the ball on. Good luck!

  2. Sandra

    Wow! What a cool effect! I love that the bridge looks like it’s floating in a delicate soap bubble. Such a clever composition! You and I are googling away it sounds like. Today was a reminder of how humbling and emotional learning can be at times. But it’s good for me too. You’ve done a super job with this new technique! Take care Chris!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I too was humbled yesterday by Google Classroom. And my poor students! Yikes. But today is a new day. And I tell my students we are all learning together this summer. Thank you…I’m glad you liked the effect. I want to learn photoshop so I can flip the image in the ball right side up.


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