Dalton Covered Bridge – Warner, NH

From Hopkinton, I drove to Warner, NH which has two covered bridges.  This is the Dalton Bridge.  It’s one of the oldest standing covered bridges in use today.

It was built over the Warner River in 1853 by Joshua Sanborn at a cost of $630.  George Sawyer and Walter S. Davis built the abutments. 

Sunlight coming through the slats created this pattern on the floor of the bridge.
The beams in the bridge are numbered.
And there was also a bit of grafitti

32 thoughts on “Dalton Covered Bridge – Warner, NH

  1. Sandra

    Nice of you to include images of the little things that we would find if we were physically there like the graffiti and the light falling on the road. Beautiful! Thank you Chris!

      1. Sandra

        I don’t think they can be repetitive. They’re all so unique and it sounds like they all have their own story. You’re doing a wonderful job showcasing each of them.

  2. A Dude Abikes

    I went to college a year and a bit in Vermont, and love these old bridges. I don’t know why exactly, but I suppose because they’re so different. We have no need for keeping the snow off the bridges since it’s so rare in Central Texas. I appreciate your photos and the like on my blog!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Sure thing. You have a good blog. I also enjoy cycling. I did a ride a few years back on the islands on Lake Champlain. It’s a great area. Thank you and take care.


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