Ashland Railroad Station

I made this a few weeks ago while photographing a covered bridge in another part of Ashland, NH. The town has preserved its historic train station and the historical society operates it as a museum. Below is a BW image of a train snowplow that is also at the train station.

25 thoughts on “Ashland Railroad Station

  1. Liz Gauffreau

    Great shots! I love the sun through the trees in the one of the train station. My husband and I drove past it a couple of weekends ago, and I wondered if you’re photographed it.

  2. China Dream

    I miss my travels (when hubby was alive) maybe I’ll eventually venture out again, of course these days, there is no crossing the border… I love you take us to different places.. and show us your fab finds. Have a good one…

  3. Sandra

    These are beautiful images Chris! What a great find on a perfect morning! And it’s nice that the town has preserved this history instead of abandoning it. We just got back from a hike. The last half a mile (only half a mile? Felt like forever) was straight up incline with temps heading towards 100 again today. Glad to be home with the AC working! Hope you are doing well today!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. Were you hiking in a canyon? (That’s usually when the last bit is uphill.) How was it, besides hot? I feel passinate about history and its preservation. Stay cool.

      1. Sandra

        It sounds like a canyon doesn’t it? It’s a park/recreation area with multiple trails through the protected oak woodland in Auburn CA. There’s a platform that was built, an observation deck for people to enjoy views of the year round waterfalls. It’s really pretty. I hope I have a few good pictures to share. I’ll take a look. I hope you’re doing well Chris!

  4. Prior...

    Oh wow
    I have never seen a train snowplow and that front view of it showed it last strong structure and power –
    Glad we still have these train areas preserved – oh and we happen to have an Ashland in Virginia and the train runs right through it


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