View from the Dam

The view from the dam on the Contoocook River in Contoocook, NH

I had Monday off and went out to photograph some covered bridges. As I approached the first one over the Contoocook River, the road passed over a dam. From the top of the dam, I briefly spotted the covered bridge below. I parked the car and grabbed my camera and zoom lens. I hiked to the middle of the dam to take the picture and found the view of the bridge not quite what I had hoped. The back side of the dam had this gorgeous view. The zoom lens would not do, so I made this image with my iPhone.

52 thoughts on “View from the Dam

  1. Garfield Hug

    The iphone you used delivered a really good picture. Amazing how gizmos will eradicate the camera one day. Just like how Kodak died with film and cameras when digital pics came about. Glad you shared. Thanks.

      1. Garfield Hug

        If it happens then I wonder what will happen to Carl Zeiss, Canon and the likes of other brands of great camera companies? Maybe the phone gets even more sophisticated and they reinvent selves to be the sole supplier of lenses to the phone. Only time will tell I guess. I am so used to seeing the avid photographer with their slew of camera equipment or as Americans say, complete with bells and whistles.

      2. Garfield Hug

        Yes, I do like the old way as it is charming. I see how the photographer complete with the vest filled with equipment, lying in wait for that perfect shot!

      3. milfordstreet Post author

        I like to travel compatively light. Since I bought my camera (which came with two lenses), I’ve only invested in one more lens which cover 95% of my work.

  2. Sarah

    Wonderful shot! It’s funny but sometimes I also rely on my phone’s camera instead of my real one when the result looks better. 😄


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