Squam River Covered Bridge – Ashland, NH

The Squam River Covered Bridge in Ashland, NH

From the Bump Covered Bridge, I opted to take the scenic state route rather than the highway to get to the Squam River Covered Bridge in Ashland, NH.  It was a quiet meandering twenty-minute drive.  The bridge sits below Squam Lake and Little Squam Lake.  The area is a popular summer tourist destination and was featured in the 1980s film On Golden Pond.  From this spot, the lake empties into the Squam River.

The lattice style of this bridge is very appealing.

According to the state’s book on historical covered bridges, the building of this bridge was a community effort.  It’s a fairly modern bridge having been constructed in 1990.  The existing steel and concrete bridge needed to be replaced and the state proposed a modern two-lane bridge.  The town’s citizens wanted a one lane covered bridge on this spot and voted $35,000 at the town meeting to build one.  Unfortunately, this was about a sixth of the cost of the bridge. 

I made this from the side of the road a few hundred yards downstream from the bridge. I parked amidst a group of vacation rentals and expected to be asked to leave but nobody pays that much attention early on a Sunday morning.

A branch of the town’s historical society called the Squam River Covered Bridge Committee worked to raise the rest of the money through typical fundraisers, such as bake sales and dinners.  Ultimately, most of the balance was raised through the private donations of more than 500 donors.  It was dedicated July 1, 1990. 

36 thoughts on “Squam River Covered Bridge – Ashland, NH

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      You know, I’m not sure. It’s a good question. A modern bridge is more convenient because they are usually two lanes vs wooden bridges which tend to be one lane.

  1. Sandra

    I love that it truly belongs to the community who came together to fund it. The construction has a great aesthetic but I imagine it’s also part of what keeps it structurally sound. Beautifully photographed too Chris! Super nice. Thank you for another awesome picture story!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      You’re very perceptive, Sandra. This is a lattice truss design. All of that pretty lattice work is heavy-duty and holds up the bridge. I really like the community involvement piece. Many of these bridges are built and maintained by the town but this one is special to have been constructed via fundraising. Thank you. =)

  2. Nancy

    So glad the community came together for this gorgeous bridge! Love the curvature. You photographed this exceptionally well, Chris. Thank you for sharing all these bridges. Happy Day Chris!

  3. Sarah

    Love the warm colours and hues of the wood in the first pic! And that lattice is very appealing indeed! So nice to learn about its history too.😊


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