What’s in Bloom? – July 7, 2020

We have some more big Lilies. I hope you like Lilies, there will be more next week.

This is Marguerite. They are small. My photos are not to scale.

And finally, an update on the vegetable garden. We put up a small fence to act as a trellis because some of the beans want to climb.

31 thoughts on “What’s in Bloom? – July 7, 2020

  1. China Dream

    do the critters from the back woodlands not want to come in and delight on the new growth? I’ve seen so many raised gardens this year.. I love the ability to see the flowers up close and personal.. to scale is good, but magnified for us is better =^_^= Good morning. We are being told to expect heat .. the warnings keep coming. the rain comes in bursts lasts minutes .. and is gone.. waves energetically (its still early)

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Something did some damage last year to one of our blueberry bushes and occasionally something will eat a tomato or two but otherwise, the animals leave things alone. I’m glad you enjoyed the flowers. There are already more photos on the camera for next week. We have the heat coming also. Stay cool!

  2. Nancy

    You will be canning in no time! That veggie garden is looking plentiful!
    The Marguerite is a lovely capture.
    I’m looking forward to more lilies!

  3. Sandra

    Chris, your garden is gorgeous and the flowers are beautiful! Looking forward to more captures. I hope you’re having a great Tuesday! We got an early walk in. Working on some projects around the house today. Take good care!


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