Our Little Friends

We have our share of little creatures running around. This chipmunk and his friends come looking for dropped birdseed. I make sure I “drop” some every morning.

And we have no shortage of hummingbirds. We have to refill the feeders every few days. They are territorial and we often see the equivalent of dogfights among these little ones.

40 thoughts on “Our Little Friends

  1. Les

    These little “chippies” can be very destructive. They are darn cute, but they dig holes in my front yard. I’ve placed a live trap out where they run. Don’t want to kill them, just go somewhere else.

  2. loisajay

    I had no idea those little hummingbirds were territorial. I have a couple that like the shrubs in my front yard. I have gotta’ keep my camera close by to try for some photos. Yours are great. That little chipmunk is so cute. All we have is squirrels–no chipmunks.

  3. Nancy

    Love your little creatures! I know what you speak of with hummingbirds. They need to learn to get along.

    As for chipmunks I have a love/dislike relationship with them. They are quite destructive. We live trap them and take them elsewhere… but I swear they come back again.

    Beautiful captures… have a lovely day Chris!

  4. Sandra

    oh wow these are beautiful pictures! I’m so impressed that these guys stood perfectly still for you. The chipmunk is so adorable! Here we are at the top of a new week. I hope you’re off to a good start my friend!

      1. Sandra

        Sounds fun! My daughter has decided we are taking a virtual vacation so we are making lots of plans for that. We are off to a good start too. Let’s keep it going!

      2. Sandra

        She’s a dreamer, like me. We found that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has a live feed that they broadcast of various exhibits. So we “went” there for a visit yesterday. Today we are pretending the pool is the beach. I hope you have a great day!

  5. Sarah

    Such wonderful little friends! I can’t blame you for dropping seeds for the chipmunks. 😉 Hummies equal dogfights? Now I’ve heard it all! 😁


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