Bump Covered Bridge – Campton, NH

Bump Covered Bridge in Campton, NH

I left Blair Bridge and traveled less than ten minutes to Bump Bridge.  While Blaire bridge was on a busy road, the road to the second bridge was much more rural. As I drove, I wondered how it got its name. Was there a rather large bump in it or near it?

Once at the bridge, I could see how it got its name; it’s on Bumps Intervale Road.  As I left my car, I could hear either a pack of coyotes howling away or a kennel of dogs howling for their breakfast.  All I knew was that it was loud and rather close.  I was hoping it was the kennel and not the coyotes. Eventually it died down. Whether it was coyotes or a kennel, they got what they wanted.

The sides of Bump Covered Bridge are more open, letting in natural light. A metal roof helps protect the bridge.

This bridge was much shorter than the first one I visited.  It was 68 feet long not including the ramps leading to it on either side.  It’s a pretty bridge in a nice location.  There’s been a covered bridge on this spot on the Beebe River since 1877.  This one was last built in 1972 after the previous bridge rotted out.  Unlike many rebuilt bridges, Bump Bridge uses wooden timbers for support rather than stone abutments.  I prefer the top picture because with all of the trees high up in the background, it looks like it’s way up in the hills. 

23 thoughts on “Bump Covered Bridge – Campton, NH

  1. Nancy

    Thanks Chris for sharing these lovely covered bridges with us. They take me back to a special time in America. When it was simple, perhaps. These bridges are somewhat comforting …especially during these crazy times we are experiencing now.
    Have a beautiful day Chris … hope your 4th was great!

      1. Nancy

        Quiet in the terms of enjoying just us at home. But it was loud all around us. Lol!
        Our fireworks were cancelled but when we walked down to the lake there were fireworks everywhere. We didn’t know where to look next!

  2. Sandra

    “This one is my favorite” is what I say to myself each time I see a new addition to your collection of images. Your narrative made me feel like I was right there with you. Really great series Chris! Thank you for bringing us along. Hope you have a great day!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Well, I hope I can give you more favorites in the future, Sandra. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. There are lots more bridges to go. I hope you’re having a great day also. 😊


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