More Optical Experiments

A one inch miniature shot through the lens of an antique magnifying glass. This is likely the only way I’ll make a photo of the Eiffel Tower this summer.

I’ve recently been playing with taking photographs usingan antique magnifying glass and a lensball. It has not been as easy as it looks. I tried taking the shot above with a lensball with no great result. I rather liked this, though.

The shot above is a river in a forest taken through the lensball. I tried a number of shots here. One issue is catching your own reflection. It seems to be a problem if the area behind the ball is darker than where I am standing.

This was taken along some railroad tracks. I got morshiny e of the gravel of the railbed than anything else. One issue was that there are a lot of minerals in the rocks causing bright spots.

The adventure continues….

34 thoughts on “More Optical Experiments

  1. photobyjohnbo

    Went on my first “shoot” with a lensball earlier this week. I concur that it’s harder than it looks to get good results. I got some unusual shading that seems to be cloud reflections in the grass in front of a couple of my shots. Luminar 4’s Erase function did a great job of “fixing” the grass in the foreground easily and quickly.

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        That sounds good. I’m trying to keep it handy and think of places to use it. I’m also trying to look at others’ photos and deconstruct how they made them.

  2. Sandra

    Nice collection of beautiful images Chris! Very clever and creative! I’ll bet it’s fun to consider the shots in a whole new way. Take good care

  3. Sarah

    I think they’re all fabulous, Chris!!! You have some great ideas like with that Eiffel Tower. And the railway one is amazing, never mind the shiny spots. And I do like the lines in the other one too- all in all a fantastic new photography project as well!!


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