What’s in Bloom? – June 30th

Our first Lily of the season.
Evening Primlsrose.

The Evening Primrose are taking a beating. We put the bird feeder on a tree branch overhead. The squirrels and chipmunks routinely feed from this feeder and will then jump down onto the flowers. Naughty little animals. Tsk, tsk.

Our main vegetable garden

Let’s not forget the vegetables. We have them in a few spots but this is the largest. My wife put down a biodegradable landscaping paper to keep the weeds down around the plants and then filled in with mulch around the borders. I took this on Friday and it’s already changed quite a bit.

28 thoughts on “What’s in Bloom? – June 30th

  1. Sandra

    May your gorgeous garden produce abundantly! So many beautiful blossoms. I enjoyed discovering what’s flowering out your way Chris! Thank you

      1. Liz Gauffreau

        I have high hopes for our vegetable garden this year. My husband tried a different kind of compost that is having good results. (So far, anyway!)

  2. Sarah

    Tsk, tsk! Naughty squirrels indeed! 😉 Love the look of your vegetable garden patch! Everything will taste so much better than from the supermarket. What are you growing?


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