Yellow Caboose

Cabooses have always been my favorite type of train car. I stumbled on this one yesterday while visiting a historic train depot in Ashland, NH. I get the sense that it is becoming a permenent fixture as part of the depot’s museum. Here are some of the details that I could capture.

42 thoughts on “Yellow Caboose

  1. Sandra

    I love the details you captured along with the full shot! That yellow is cheerful. The town I grew up in had railroad tracks that ran through it. I remember the caboose being red usually. But it wasn’t always present. It was rare to see a caboose at all. Cool to find one here. Thanks Chris! Have a great day!

  2. Les

    Up North of here in the Coal Region area, there are a number of old Coal Train Cabooses that are on display. Left over from a era from long ago, when Coal was King.


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