Three Wheels

These three industrial looking wheels have been made into lawn ornaments outside a former mill in Harrisville, NH. I liked the look of the patterns and curves against the straight lines of the brick wall behind it. A color version is below.

26 thoughts on “Three Wheels

  1. Sandra

    Good luck comes in threes! What a great find. I like that the rust is visible in the color version and the lines stand out in the black and white. Cool! Take care Chris

  2. Sarah

    Really cool! And both versions are great! Do you know what these wheels were used for before? Reminds me a bit of a clockwork.😊

  3. Goff James

    Hi, Christopher. Thanks for sharing these two stunning images. I love the simplicity and edge cropped composition that concentrates the eye upon the industrial artefacts against the brick wall. I have re-blogged; scheduled for Wednesday. Best Regards.


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