29 thoughts on “Which is it?

  1. China Dream

    LOL the top one looks like one of my first bicycles, the little trike is what I would consider safe these days… yours is a Cadillac …. built for “motoring” I imagine you sail up hills rather well.=^_^=,,, thank you for the morning smile..

  2. loisajay

    That first one reminds me of my old Schwinn. Give me a clothespin and playing card in the spokes and I was good to go. Great bike you have, Chris.

  3. Sandra

    This is a fun post! I have a green beach cruiser in the garage that needs some attention and a spin around the neighborhood. I should look into that. You have a nice selection of rides for all skill levels it seems! 😁

  4. Nancy

    Looks fun and fabulous! Those two wheels can take you almost anywhere!
    So where’s the next adventure too?
    Great post Chris. Happy Wednesday. Take care.


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