Sailboat at Rest

This sailboat was in the mill pon in Harrisville, NH last weekend.

The “one that got away” today was an image of a bear. Our neighbor texted that a black bear was leaving her yard and heading to our house. By the time we got to the windows, it was long gone. We’ve seen a lot of wildlife this summer. Getting a decent image is always a challenge.

32 thoughts on “Sailboat at Rest

  1. Nancy

    The other day a canoe and today a beautiful sailboat! It’s time for me to get out my kayak.
    This is a lovely image of calm waters… and it’s what we all need right now.
    Have a blessed day Chris.

  2. HigherTimesMentalHealth

    Beautiful. I particularly like your pictures with reflections off water. You really work the image in a good way.

  3. Alexandra

    Your security guard must have scared the bear away lol 😀
    Gorgeous image, Chris, beautiful tranquility, the reflection of clouds on the surface makes it all so dreamy…

  4. Sandra

    A black bear! Wow! You have a great neighborhood watch at work out there it sounds like, alerting you when the locals are restless and wandering around. This image is extra special with the full view of the sky in the reflection. Just gorgeous. A peaceful scene. Have a great day my friend!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. Yes, this was my favorite image from last week’s shoot. We do text our neighbors if there are bear or moose about. The wildlife seems very active this year.

  5. Anne deFuria

    Lots of wildlife here in NJ last few months too. Possibly because there has been so little traffic during stay at home emergency. Fox, deer, bears, groundhogs and chipmunks by the millions ha ha

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      You have a ton of chipmunks? We do also. I have a good photo to post later this week. I’ve heard that the abundance of wildlife might be due to the pandemic. At least something good is coming from it. Cheers!

  6. Sarah

    Ah, too bad about that black bear! 😂 But this sailboat is pretty neat and I’d love to swim in that lake right now – we have 31°C this weekend. 😅


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