What’s in Bloom?

Let’s see what is in bloom in my wife’s garden this week. This purple and white Iris is looking good. These came from my brother-in-law’s yard last year and they seem to have taken well.

This white Peoply is also in bloom. There is a red one that is beginning to bloom and may be in a future post.

Hopefully, I can update you from time-to-time as more flowers bloom inthe garden.

36 thoughts on “What’s in Bloom?

  1. Nancy

    Ooooooo la la! You know how much I love gardens! And yours is in beautiful spring bloom.
    Looking forward to more blooms over the summer.
    Make it a great Tuesday Chris.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I’m doing well. Thank you. It’s busy figuring out online summer school for students but I’m working with a great bunch of teachers to make it work. I did manage some time under a tree with a book today. – Yay. I hope you’re doing great also.

  2. Sarah

    Just beautiful! Your garden must look magnificent with all these flowers! Hope you and your wife get to spend some relaxing time there as well and not just work on making it look so pretty.


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