Sunday Morning Reflections

From Harrisville, NH

Sunday morning reflections make wonderful Monday morning posts, don’t you agree?

I went out on a photoshoot early Sunday morning. No need to worry about social distancing at 6:00 AM on a Sunday. It takes care of itself.

My first stop was Harrisville, NH, a former milltown with colorful old brick buildings and period architecture. It’s odd but only a couple of images that I made feature the brick buildings. I did get a number of nice photographs of other spots in the town including this reflection in the mill pond.

Driving on backroads to my second shoot location, I spotted a face sticking out of the woods. It was a black bear. Judging from its size and curiosity as it crossed the road, I would guess it was relatively young, maybe a yearling. I pulled over and watched it cross the road. Sorry, no photos.

The second location shoot was a covered bridge. I’m slowly crossing the numerous covered bridges in NH of off my list. This one was challenging to shoot because the riverbank didn’t offer a good vantage point to get a photograph of the side of it. Also, the light at either end wasn’t great. I’ll show you later this week how I salvaged that shoot.

My final location of the day was in our garden where my wife has some flowers in bloom.

See you tomorrow.

30 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Reflections

  1. China Dream

    what no picture of the wife’s flower in bloom… the sun is out in full force here, if I want to get the dogs out before the heat.. best move…waves across the miles..

  2. HigherTimesBlog

    Wow! Nice work. I had to do a double take on the picture of the brick building reflecting off the water. It looks like some of the buildings on the Lamprey River where I grew up in Exeter, NH.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you so much. It’s similar New England architecture and materials. I was thinking of going over to make some photos in Exeter some day. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Nancy

    What an amazing capture! Beyond stunning!
    So a bear, a covered bridge and a beautiful garden grown by your lovely wife… that sounds like a perfect day!
    Happy Week to you my friend.


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