Through the Magnifying Glass

If you look online, you see photographers posting photos of images made through lensballs and other optics. This was made using an antique magnifying glass and one of the blue flags from my wife’s flower garden. I tried a large flower but it was too big. Getting the juxtaposition of object, lens and camera correct was a challenge but fun.

38 thoughts on “Through the Magnifying Glass

  1. loisajay

    So weird you mention optic balls. Another blogger mentioned these several months ago and, wouldn’t you know–Amazon had a 3-pack in graduating sizes–so I bought them. They sit in the box, unused, all this time. I really need to get them out and practice. This was one-handed with the camera, Chris?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      That Amazon deal sounds interesting. I’ll have to look. The original Lensball is like $44. No, I used a tripod and then mounted the magnifying glass on a dowel using a copper pipe hanger. My guess is there is an easier way to do it.

  2. Sandra

    What an interesting technique! You did a beautiful job, your wife with the assist as her flowers are stunning! Lens ball, I’ll have to look into that. Cool. Thanks Chris!

  3. Sarah

    I can imagine how much fun you had with this one, Chris! I’d never come up with this idea myself – using a magnifying glass in a photo but it’s brilliant and your photo looks great! Will give this a try soon!

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