Granite Quarry

I passed this old granite quarry while cycling along an old railway in Troy, NH. The stones that came from this quarry built the local community and more. They may have become the foundations of houses, schools, or churches. This simple rock quarry contribute to so much of life and now sits as a beautiful spot on a pathway for people to enjoy.

34 thoughts on “Granite Quarry

  1. China Dream

    thank you, reminded me of the many we found in our travels along back country roads.. no longer seen or used because of new roads.. waves sending a virtual hug and big smile

  2. Les

    Here in PA we have some of the same thing. There is one about 2 miles away from me. However, the “quarries” that are North of here in the Coal Region area are much the same thing, but not for rock. Coal was dug out leaving a large hole in the ground. It was just left as it was. Now, they are filled with water and can be very deep with coal machinery left at the bottom. There are some that are a hundred feet deep or more. The water in them is very darn cold! Other places are called “strippie mines” where coal was removed and just left a big ugly scar in the earth just for coal. These holes are quite dangerous. Their have been a number of drownings in them. You probably could find old cars and all kinds of junk at the bottom. Also to mention that their just might be bodies in them that were never found from long ago. I must get up there again, soon.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      There are quarries close to Boston that used to have drownings every summer. And cars would “disappear” in them. It makes me wonder about what’s at the bottom of this quarry.

  3. Sandra

    Such a beautiful spot! Looks like a great place for a picnic…sounds like the mosquitoes have the same idea! Hope you managed to safely escape their advances!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      The mosquitoes were fine as long as I kept pedaling. If I come back in the fall, they shouldn’t be an issue. Why don’t we have a mosquito emoji?

      1. Sandra

        Had to laugh at your mosquito emoji observation! Good point! Maybe we should collaborate on a design. I’m thinking a cartoon version would give it some charm! 🙂

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