No Bears Allowed

I made this sign for our bird feeder post a few years ago after bears raided our bird feeders. It was a jest because bears either can’t read or aren’t inclined to obey posted signs. This little chipmunk has been using it as a reststop as he climbs the post to raid the birdfeeder for himself.

34 thoughts on “No Bears Allowed

  1. Sandra

    He is happy you’re defending his food source from those pesky bears! 🀣 such a cute little rascal. Great picture story Chris, thank you!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I’m glad you like him. He and his friends have been eating an absurd amount of our birdseed. Today, we put a set of wind hikes between the pole and the feeder to act as a barrier. Don’t worry, I doubt he will go hungry. Thank you, Sandra.

  2. Sarah

    He’s adorable (and so clever)! And your picture is priceless, Chris! Imagine the glee this little guy is feeling over the bears because the sign doesn’t say anything about chipmunks. πŸ˜‰


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