31 thoughts on “Hollis Barn Sunrise

  1. Alexandra

    this is such a beautiful shot, Chris!! you are on the roll for gorgeous colors 🙂
    watching the news from the US with a heavy heart, my gosh… wishing you a peaceful weekend!!

  2. China Dream

    good morning Chris, I echo Alexandra’s words.. I am not watching and reading the news, it is too hard for me to take in … I worry. so many dear and wonderful friends live in the areas that are recently being reported on… I keep you all in my prayers..”always”…

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you so much. You know, We live in the country and not much happens here related to this, but it’s just so difficult to see on tv. I see a long solitary bike ride in my future this weekend to get away from it all.

  3. YBP

    OH WHAT A SHOT! You captivated the beauty of it all ….. I love how you capture so many moments that the common eye normally take for granted. Now that is more than a gift. THAT IS LOVE. Thanks so much Chris! ❤️❤️ – Yeka 😀

      1. YBP

        Have a lovely weekend Chris and stay safe! Here’s to happy LOVE-filled days ahead! 😃❤️🙏💛🎵

  4. Sabiscuit

    Gorgeous barn! I like red buildings for some reason. I think it’s the high gloss paint and how the red pops out against the green of natural surroundings or harsh grey urban concrete. The framing of this shot, and the shadows in the sky give your photo a classic look.


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