Exploring a Local Trail – Finale

The rail-trail ends rather abruptly where a trestle carried the tracks over the Souhegan River Valley. It ends at the abutment to where the trestle once began. When I rode this trail fifteen years ago, there was a spectacular view of the valley and you could see the stone piers that once supported the trestle sticking above the trees. Now, trees obscure the view.

Undaunted, I climbed down and explored the trestle abutment and the first pier a few meters away. Both are built from granite blocks. While the trestle itself is gone, these structures remain even as nature grows up around them. Of course, a granite wall attracts graffiti artists who tagged them with a few paintings.

Below is an image of how the trestle looked back in the day. I wish I could have seen that.

17 thoughts on “Exploring a Local Trail – Finale

    1. Nancy

      Let’s try that again!
      I love train trestles and to see the photo of what it was at one time… added to the allure of your compositions. Nicely done!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I’d love to see them. There is one in the White Mountains. It’s actually called The Frankenstein Trestle. No relation to the Shelley story, though.

  1. Sandra

    This has been such a fun series. I love that you included a historic picture for reference too. Do you remember that scene in Stand By Me where they are running along the railroad tracks? The scenery in that movie was amazing, much like your pictures.


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