Exploring a Local Trail – Part 1

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, I’ve been wary of traveling far from home to take photos or otherwise have adventures. This has led me to explore local hiking and cycling trails. This weekend, I opted to explore a rail-trail about fifteen minutes from home. Rail-trails are former railway tracks that have had the tracks removed to convert them to recreational trails. I’d last been on this trail about fifteen years ago. While I recall it being a challenging trail, I also remember that the view at the end was worth the effort.

I followed directions on the internet to an intersection where I parked my car. The directions said to “ride up the hill to the trail”. I rode up the hill..and up…and up,,, and up. I went about a mile and got to the other end of the road but no trail. I was fortunate a walker was going by.  He told me that he thought the trail ended on someone’s property and he had closed it off.

Once back at my car, I used Google Maps to find the next street that crossed the trail.  This time, I drove directly to the trail.  No parking at the end of the road this time.  What I found was the image you see above.  The trail doesn’t so much cross the road as go above it.  I considered finding another crossroads but had lost a lot of time.  Also, there was a good parking spot and a small but steep path p to the trail.  I pushed my bike up to ride the trail.  As anyone who does this type of thing knows that getting the bike up is not nearly as challenging as having a controlled descent on the way down. 

Tomorrow, scenes from the trail.

The bridge and trail as seen from the top.

29 thoughts on “Exploring a Local Trail – Part 1

  1. photobyjohnbo

    Without wanting to venture far, as well, my wife and I have found a couple of parks in the city that are new to us as well. Part of a relatively recent city annex, we didn’t know they existed. Exploring around home is a great way to spend these troubled days.

  2. Sandra

    Beautiful views! You had to really work for them it sounds like, and I thank you! Looking forward to the next installment. Until then take good care!

  3. Garfield Hug

    The beauty of living in a big country is the opportunity to find nice nooks and crannies that is often forgotten, yet pristine in time. I love the idyllic spot and greenery. So nice to just sit under the trees somewhere and listen to nature. Much thanks for the lovely photos.

  4. sloppy buddhist

    Yes it seems from covid season to riot season…the bumpy road is a telling metaphor perhaps, adventures are the best…we live in fascinating times Chris…sending peace to Boston ☮️💜 hugs Hedy


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