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What’s in Bloom? – June 30th

Our first Lily of the season.
Evening Primlsrose.

The Evening Primrose are taking a beating. We put the bird feeder on a tree branch overhead. The squirrels and chipmunks routinely feed from this feeder and will then jump down onto the flowers. Naughty little animals. Tsk, tsk.

Our main vegetable garden

Let’s not forget the vegetables. We have them in a few spots but this is the largest. My wife put down a biodegradable landscaping paper to keep the weeds down around the plants and then filled in with mulch around the borders. I took this on Friday and it’s already changed quite a bit.

Summer Photography Project

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge – Cornish, NH & Windsor,VT

This is a challenging year to be a photographer. Okay, it’s a challenging year to be anything. Before March, I finally arrived at a point where I felt some improvement in approaching people and making good images of them. The shoot I did at our town’s local ice fishing contest was among my most popular because of both the subject matter and the people. The last few months, I’ve posted daily but it’s been a steady rotation of still lifes and landscapes with the occasional small animal or bird for variety.

The Flume Covered Bridge – Lincoln

As social distancing rules relaxed in the US, I hoped to be able to get out to some local cities and the coast to try to get some variety in my images. Unfortunately, the news has reported that the coast is jammed with people and that parking restrictions aimed at limiting the number of people have caused problems. At this time, even though our area continues to have a relatively low incidence of COVID-19, other parts of the US that relaxed restrictions are seeing an increased incidence of coronavirus. The safe money says to stay close to home.

Contoocook Railroad Covered Bridge – Contoocook

For a while, I’ve considered trying to photograph as many of New Hampshire’s fifty-four historic covered bridges as I can. It’s not easy. They are spread fairly far out. To get the four located in the northernmost part of the state along the Canadian border, I have to drive three and a half hours one way to arrive there. But, there’s not a lot else to do this summer. And let’s face it, this is something I can do without encountering throngs of people.

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge – Cornish, NH & Windsor,VT

Using websites, I made a list of all the historic covered bridges and their locations. It’s easy to see groupings that go together logically for a single trip in which I could photograph three or four bridges at a time. And certainly, there will be other things to see along the way. The photographs here are of bridges that I had previously visited and made images of in my travels. They are the “low hanging fruit”. So let’s see if I can get all of them, shall we?

In these times we all have to work safely with what’s available to us.

All of the historic bridges that I’ve photographed can be seen on a new page at this site called Historic Covered Bridges of New Hampshire. You can find it here.

The Sentinel Pine Covered Bridge – Lincoln

Harrisville General Store

Back before we all had cars, and malls and Amazon (Yes, there was a time before Amazon), people who lived outside the city shopped at the local general store. It was called this because it sold general merchandise. Think of it as a much smaller Walmart that sold only the basics. You could get your groceries, hardware, and things for your home. These were often one of the gathering places in the community. The store might be paired with a gas station and serve as a bus or stage coach stop. It might also have housed the town’s post office.

His general store dates back to 1828. Below are some historic photos of the store that I copied from the store’s website.

Lake Potanipo via The Crystal Ball

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an image of a flower taken through a magnifying glass (see below). I’d seen Lensballs advertise on social media but they were expensive. The Lensball costs $44 and then there is a special holder and a better bag…yada, yada, yada. My friend Lois, told me she bought an “imitation” Lensball (aka copy, fake, knock-off, wanna-be) on Amazon for $20. Actually, she got three in different sizes for that price. I bought one plus a bag and stand for $18. (BTW – Lois has a very fun blog that you can find here .)

Using it is not as easy as it looks. (And there are a million YouTube videos that make it look easy.) I’ve tried a few different things and the image above is the best I’ve done. There have been a few attempts that did not work out. It’s something to play with. I have ideas for other shoots, so stay tuned.