Lincoln Pond

For years I’d passed this pond on my way to work but somehow had never taken the time to stop there. The other morning, a bit of mist was on the pond. I decided to pull in. Following a nice little path around the pond, I came to this spot and made this image. Lincoln Pond is located in Amherst, NH.

33 thoughts on “Lincoln Pond

  1. sandomina

    Do read my path-breaking articles with over 360000 views across 200 countries and counting. They are very relevant to our present situation:
Warm regards.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. It was just that type of morning. I’m finally going to all the nearby plpaces I’ve noticed over the years and never made the time to go and photograph.

      1. Sandra

        If there’s a good thing to come out of all this, I think I have appreciated these new opportunities too Chris. The pace is different these days and feels healthier/manageable. I hope you’re doing well today.

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        My wife and I have settled into a really nice pace in our lives. Thankfully, I’m able to work online but we have more time to just enjoy life and our home and especially the yard this time of year. I hope the day is going well for you. 😊

      1. blainerestaurantreport

        Glad you got your trip in. We had one planned to Florida next week. We had to cancel it of course. One reason being Florida is still quarantining people from Louisiana! Don’t want to get there and get thrown in a cage for two weeks! 😠

  2. Nancy

    Stunning shot. I could sit here all day! And it’s amazing what we are getting to do during this time. Simple things and simple pleasures! Glad you stopped and got to see this beautiful scene.


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