Abandoned New Hampshire – Granite Pool

Yesterday, this blog featured the abandoned Hayden’s Quarry and the family camp nearby. Believe it or not, this was their swimming pool. It sits on a stream and has a granite wall and dam at either end. One of the long sides is comprised of the railroad bed and the other is granite lined. It’s about 100 yards long and according to our local history book was built as a swimming pool for the Hayden family. Based on its construction, I originally thought it was a millpond of some sort. I guess that when your father owns a granite quarry, a granite swimming pool is not out of the question. The image below shows the granite work at one end and a modern wooden bridge crossing it.

24 thoughts on “Abandoned New Hampshire – Granite Pool

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It’s a pretty cool spot. I’d love to have seen that pool back in the day. Thank you for your kind words. The day is going well. I hope your’s is also. =)


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