Abandoned New Hampshire

About a mile from our home in Brookline, NH, is an old rail line that is now a recreational trail. Following it, you’ll come to a small body of water. (More on that another day.) On the other side of the pond, you can barely see a cabin through the trees. A small wooden bridge takes you across the dam to the cabin pictured above. There are no windows and the door looks a little drafty. The back of the chimney has these double doors and a few other features to function as a cookstove. Beyond the cabin and up a narrow road are the remnants of Hayden’s Quarry. You can barely discern the granite walls through the foliage. A pile of waste granite off to one side is the best indicator of this place’s purpose. Granite was hewn from the walls, hauled by teams of oxen to railcars, and then transported to Boston and points beyond.

Today, all of this is conservation land free for all to explore.

For a video tour of the cabin, click here.

26 thoughts on “Abandoned New Hampshire

  1. Sandra

    Thank you for posting the video tour too, Chris. It was nice to see what the inside of the cabin looks like. Great pictures! Beautiful place. Sad that it stands alone though.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. It is a bit sad. (My sister described it as creepy from the video). I think there are a lot of memories here of happy times. People still like to hike out to visit it.

  2. Nancy

    The cabin reminded me of one we came across out in the Tonto Basin of Arizona. We think it was a hunting camp cabin. Quite similar to your cabin.
    I enjoyed the video very much. The cabin seems to be all nestled in …in the forest.
    And the granite reminds me of the remnants we find of what is leftover from the silver, copper and gold miners of AZ.
    Thanks Chris for the tour!

      1. katiegirl06460

        I actually love the New ENgland area for its scenery and foods. I would love to do some hiking but I am a still a novice.

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