Thank You COVID Warriors

We updated our scarecrow this week. We wanted a way to thank everyone who is helping during the coronavirus crisis. That certainly involves the healthcare workers, but there are so many other people who are working hard to keep us healthy, care for our sick, and make sure that life is able to go on. How do we thank them all? We found a similar sign on the internet and used it for our salute to the COVID Warriors.

32 thoughts on “Thank You COVID Warriors

  1. Garfield Hug

    Awww this is such a lovely gesture and I tell ya, your Scarecrow is such a gem! Whoever who drives by and see this should honk! I would. Really lovely and I love Scarecrow. If I live near you, I will borrow Scarecrow…..haha!

  2. Sarah

    Wonderful! There has been a lot of discussion around here about how to thank all these warriors, especially the ones working in health care sectors. I think they decided on a single 1000 EUR bonus – not nearly enough in my book and I’ve heard that many nurses decided to donor their bonuses for children’s hospitals instead of keeping it.


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