USS Constitution Sunrise

This is from an early morning shoot either last summer or the year before. Currently, the USS Constitution is running a daily live tour on Facebook at 10:00 EST. If you attend, you can ask questions via the comments. Another possible way to occupy yourself or the kids. Search USS Constitution in FB to find it.

18 thoughts on “USS Constitution Sunrise

  1. GP Cox

    You’ve got to love those tall ships. I can well understand how young men back in those days became hypnotized by the ships and the seas!!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Sandra. It does make me want to go sail with her. I just finished reading a history of this ship. In the early 19th century it frquently sailed to the Mediterranean Sea putting in port at places like Tunis, Giraltar, Algiers and the like. What it must have been to have seen those places then.


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