Willard Brook

I made this on the same outing as the photo I posted yesterday. At this spot the river seems very active both in the foreground and as the eye scans to the background.

The snow that coated the ground here yesterday morning is all gone and today is supposed to be warmer and sunnier. And the really good news is that my home-grown haircut came out well. 😊

38 thoughts on “Willard Brook

  1. Alexandra

    this is such a lively cheerful bubbly photo 🙂 perfect capture of nature waking up after winter!
    and so nice that the haircut turned out nice… we are all in need of a haircut too but I’ll not even dare to try cutting our hair, so we’ll have to wait till hairdressers’ open again…

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Alex. My wife is waiting also. She thinks the neighboring state will open businesses before our state and is prepared to drive there for a haircut when it does.

  2. Sandra

    Such a beautiful scene! It looks like you must be standing in the middle of the water! Great shot. Happy to hear the haircut went well. Little victories are helpful. Take good care

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      You’re so right about little victories, Sandra. My feet did not get wet in making this image. I found a bend in the brook and too the photo from there. You take care also.

  3. Jolandi Steven

    I love this photograph and am pleased to hear that your haircut turned out well. I am so grateful that I have long hair, but my husband is starting to look very scruffy . . . Hairdessers should count under essential services. 😉

  4. Sarah

    Great shot! The eye is instantly drawn to the upper left, following the river backwards. 😀 And great to hear your hair experiment went well!! You could save the money in the future for more photo gear. 😉


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