Stream in the Woods

I took this shot while hiking the other day. While a photographer used to have to carry a big camera, tripod and cable release to make images like this, now they can be made with an iPhone alone. Simply take a picture in the “live” mode. Be sure to hold the camera steady for a few seconds before and after taking the image. Then when you view the image on your phone, swipe up. This will open a menu of effects. Select “long exposure” and you’re done. Or, if you need a bit more exercise, go ahead and haul all the gear into the woods with you.

27 thoughts on “Stream in the Woods

  1. Sandra

    I’m impressed with your technique! Beautiful shot, Chris! Happy to see you’re making time for nature and creativity. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Sandhya

    That shot is stunning. I love how you have captured the movement of water, Chris! Thanks so much for that tip with the iphone. I am going to try that for sure.
    Not sure I can go out for a walk today with the rain and gusty winds though 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Awesome! I didn’t know that this was possible with an iPhone – too bad I don’t have one! 😂 So it will be the gear for me. 😉


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