Maple Hill Farm

This house and barn are a part of the Beaver Brook Association which maintains the conservation lands where I spend much of my free time these days. I love these old farmhouses that have been added on to and connect to the barn. I couldn’t get the entire building into the frame on my dSLR and instead used the panorama function on my iPhone to make this image.

23 thoughts on “Maple Hill Farm

  1. suzannesmom

    So nice to have places like this to walk now. I think after this is over, lots more people will be walking than in the past. Once you start, you realize how lovely it is!

  2. Alexandra

    I tend to use my phone more and more frequently and ditch the bulky dslr… great panorama, Chris, lovely and idyllic!! the colors are so soft…

  3. Sarah

    The adding makes for a very interesting architecture! I’ve never seen this before. I really need to try out this panorama function on my phone too, this is a great shot!!


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