Gun Deck

This is the gun deck of the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat in the world and America’s ship of state. The Constitution is rated as having 44 guns. Guns is the naval term for cannons. Some of the guns on the Constitution could shoot at a range of 1200 yards, typically outdistancing their opponents.

19 thoughts on “Gun Deck

  1. Nancy

    Oh Sweet Man would love to see this ship and these cannons! He collects small figurines of cannons.

    Could you imagine when these all let out their “boom!” 💥 Wow!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Come visit when quarantine is over and the ship is open. They do fire one of the guns twice a day for morning and evening colors. I’ve been there and it’s pretty cool to see….and hear.

      1. Nancy

        So let’s get this World back into shape! As this would be a lovely trip to take from Pennsylvania in the summer… one day, someday!

  2. America On Coffee

    I am so overwhelmed by big, tall ships. I think of the minds the would build on such hugeness that would take to the seas. Although, I’m not thrilled about warring. Great share Milfordstreet!


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