Yesterday, I went to Bernie Sander’s Presidential Election rally in Boston more for the opportunity to try to make some street photos than for the politics. The rally was held on Boston Common. Given that the Common is a big park, I thought I’d just walk on and roam around making photos. That was not to be. Campaigns are carefully curated events these days. Portable fencing had been brought in to create a perimeter in which the rally would be held. We waited in line close to an hour to go through security. Partly this is to screen out weapons and partly to screen out any signs spectators might bring in. They want a sea of blue and white “Bernie” signs. They then herded people forwards towards the stage to try to make the event look as full as possible for the cameras. In the end, I only ended up with a few photos. At some point, I got to a place from which I couldn’t really move and could only get shots like the cover shot or face the opposite way and get photos of the backs of people’s heads. Did I get to see Bernie? Kind of, sort of. See the last photo. That will give you an idea of what it was like.

23 thoughts on “Rally

  1. Alexandra

    rallies are not easy to photograph, you did a great job 🙂
    this is for presidential elections end of this year?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. It was tricky. These were the only two keepers of the shoe shoot. Yes, we are having primary elections now to select final candidates in November.

  2. sloppy buddhist

    it’s all so fascinating but also sad to witness American politics over the border…the endless campaigning…the music is wonderful …better to dance thank march right 🤓☺️ thank you for sharing Chris ~ smiles hedy

  3. Sarah

    I had no idea it was that complicated to attend a rally like that but these days it makes sense of course to be careful. Nice street photography!


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