Monthly Archives: March 2020

Maple Hill Farm

This house and barn are a part of the Beaver Brook Association which maintains the conservation lands where I spend much of my free time these days. I love these old farmhouses that have been added on to and connect to the barn. I couldn’t get the entire building into the frame on my dSLR and instead used the panorama function on my iPhone to make this image.

Spring Peepers

In one of my posts last week, I made a comment about the sounds of spring in the forest. My friend Teri asked about the sounds and I told her they were the sounds of spring peepers. Spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer) are small choral frogs that are named for the chirping call they make in early spring. With an abundance of time on my hands given the current state of affairs, I went to a pool that I know to have these little creatures to make some photos and an audio recording.

If you’d like to hear their sound, click here

This tune is dedicated to you, Teri.

BTW, check out Teri’s blog What’s Happening Ohio

Gun Deck

This is the gun deck of the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat in the world and America’s ship of state. The Constitution is rated as having 44 guns. Guns is the naval term for cannons. Some of the guns on the Constitution could shoot at a range of 1200 yards, typically outdistancing their opponents.

Wilkins Lumber

For years, when I took the state road instead of the highway to my former job in Concord, NH, I’d pass by the back of Wilkins Lumber in Milford, NH. I could see a smokestack and some old red buildings. Now seems like a good time to check out things that I’ve been meaning to explore provided that it allows me to keep a social distance from others. I drove there today and parked next to Hartshorn Pond. A brook of the same name flows out over a dam (a future post) and then steeply down to the mill. The driveway to the mill was located on the other side of the property. After passing an old trailer that serves as the lumber mill’s sign (pictured above), I came to a spot where the slope to walk directly from the road to the mill wasn’t so steep. I hiked down it and found myself inside a cluster of buildings. Here you can see a smokestack standing alone next to a building whose purpose I’m not quite sure. The B&W image shows the mill itself. Look at the post and beam work. You can see the brook flowed under the mill presumably to power it back in the day when water power was the way to go. The other shot is a piece of milling equipment that I believe is a planer. Today, there is a modern power box on the wall next to it. It was a fun shoot that was in the back of my mind for a long time. What shoots have you been meaning to get to?