25 thoughts on “Lobster Pier

  1. blainerestaurantreport

    I’ve actually been to Kittery! My first visit to New England was two weeks active Navy duty in Newport RI. That weekend I wanted to see every NE state, so I took off driving north. Stopped in Kittery for a lobster lunch.

      1. blainerestaurantreport

        Yes it is. This was 2008. I remember because my sister flew up that weekend to celebrate her 60th birthday. And unbelievably, I remembered enough to find the place we are at. It was Warren’s Lobster House. And yeah, we left early Saturday morning. Took a tour of Boston, ate in Kittery, went right across the bridge to New Hampshire (where they had a street Faye going in), then headed west and ate BBQ in Vermont. The next day we drove to Mystic Connecticut, ate at Mystic pizza and went to the aquarium.

      2. blainerestaurantreport

        That was street FAIR going on in New Hampshire. I had never been that far north in my life. I’ll never forget when I landed at the airport in Rhode Island. I got my rental car and jumped on I-95 to head to Newport, and the first sign I saw said SOUTH to New York. I thought good God! I’m so far north NY is SOUTH!!

      3. milfordstreet Post author

        I never thought of it as odd having NYC south, cause I’ve lived in New England all my life but I guess if you live elsewhere it would be odd. Portsmouth has some nice street fairs in the summer. I wonder if that’s where you saw the fair.

      4. blainerestaurantreport

        Yep! Left Newport RI at about 7am, and after the drive through MA, ME, NH and VT, we didn’t get back to the hotel in Newport until after midnight. This was before GPS too. Did all that with maps I printed off of MapQuest. Then hit CT the next day. In 48 hours I scratched New England off my bucket list!

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