Small Town Life: Ice Fishing

Last weekend was our town’s annual Ice Fishing Derby. We’ve had some warm periods this winter. People were a bit nervous about the thickness of the ice. I think that was the reason there were fewer of those little huts called “bob-houses”. Few of the people who arrived early drove their cars or trucks onto the ice. Once it was discovered that the ice was eleven inches (28cm) thick, some of the later arrivals opted to drive out there. Personally, I prefer parking the car on land and taking a nice stroll out on the ice. I was fortunate to be there when a few people caught fish. Catching is way more exciting than fishing. Each person can set up to six lines using a rig that sends up a flag whenever a fish takes the bait. That’s the reason the two boys are running in one image; they had a flag up. The result was the nice bass you see the boy holding in the next photo.

32 thoughts on “Small Town Life: Ice Fishing

  1. Liz Gauffreau

    Great photos! They really convey the experience the fishers are having. One of our neighbors was getting ready to go ice fishing the other day, and he told my husband that his group always sends the 300+ pound fellow out on the ice first. If he doesn’t plunge into the icy depths, then the others will follow.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Nancy. There have been a lot of problems with ice not getting thick enough. I wanted to go an take photos on an ice runway on a lake here in NH, but it never opened due to warm weather.

  2. Alexandra

    I love that it’s a family thing and the kids seem to enjoy it very much too 🙂 I remember this series, Chris, so happy you keep documenting it every year!!

  3. sloppy buddhist

    The joy of the young boy and his fish…I always love these experiences…haven’t seen any this year…so it is fun to see your post Chris…hoping your days are treating you well…smiles and hugs from Alberta ☺️💫🤓 Hedy

  4. Sarah

    Wonderful series of shots, Chris! I can imagine the excitement that grasps hold of everyone when the flags are up and signalling that there’s a catch! Like you though I wouldn’t dare park on the ice. 😉


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