Monthly Archives: February 2020

Small Town Life: Ice Fishing

Last weekend was our town’s annual Ice Fishing Derby. We’ve had some warm periods this winter. People were a bit nervous about the thickness of the ice. I think that was the reason there were fewer of those little huts called “bob-houses”. Few of the people who arrived early drove their cars or trucks onto the ice. Once it was discovered that the ice was eleven inches (28cm) thick, some of the later arrivals opted to drive out there. Personally, I prefer parking the car on land and taking a nice stroll out on the ice. I was fortunate to be there when a few people caught fish. Catching is way more exciting than fishing. Each person can set up to six lines using a rig that sends up a flag whenever a fish takes the bait. That’s the reason the two boys are running in one image; they had a flag up. The result was the nice bass you see the boy holding in the next photo.

Celebrating George Washington’s Birthday.

Today is George Washington’s birthday. He was born on this day in 1732. That’s 288 years, for those of you who are wondering. The USS Constitution had a 21-gun salute to President Washington on Presidents’ Day this past Monday. I visited to take some pictures and was allowed to photograph from the gun deck. They used a single cannon and fired it 21 times. This is an image of one of the crew firing the cannon. Other crew members and guests also fired it. There is a short video below.
Click here to see the video.


Karuta is a Japanese game. My limited understanding is that various versions of a poem are printed on a deck of cards. They may vary by a word or two. The players have the cards laid out before them. A reader reads the text of one of the cards. When the players figure out which card matched the text, they try to be the first to snatch it.