St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

One of the busier tourist attractions during our visit was St. Louis Cemetery No 1. Why the attraction to a cemetery? In New Orleans, the water table is very high. Bodies cannot be buried without risking they will resurface at some point. The remedy is to inter bodies in mausoleums. This cemetery is the oldest in the city. The mausoleums are all different and there are great stories about many of the people buried here. Visitors must enter with an organized tour and tour guides vie for the best spots for their guests. It’s worth a visit. We didn’t do this but you can take a horse-drawn carriage up from Jackson Square for a tour of the cemetery. It avoids a long walk and is a cool way to see the city.

13 thoughts on “St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

  1. Nancy

    There are some very interesting cemeteries there in NOLA! Did you know the whole family is buried in one mausoleum? It’s quite interesting how they do it.


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