Cafe Du Monde

I wanted an atypical image of this historic and popular cafe. Everyone gets photos of either the wonderful coffee and beignets or the outside awning. I was impressed by the waitstaff and how busy they were lining up to get coffee for their customers. It hints at just how busy the cafe is without showing the long line of people waiting to get in or the size of the dining area.

And for those of you looking for a photo of coffee and beignets, this one’s for you:

30 thoughts on “Cafe Du Monde

      1. loisajay

        Ha! I was gonna mention not to inhale while eating these. Or don’t wear a black dress, either! But they are so darn good! Great photos, Chris.

  1. Prior...

    Wow – the photo of the workers in black and white made me wonder how old the photo was!
    And the coffee looks so good and had to laugh at the powdered sugar piled that high.
    They must go through a lot in a day – wonder what their pastries taste like

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      The pastries are served still warm. We wondered how much they use in a day. The photo looks like it could be rather old except for the waitstaff person wearing a hoodie. Thank you. Cheers


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