St. Louis Cathedral

Over the New Year holiday, my wife and I escaped to New Orleans for a few days. This is one of the images I made during our stay. I have many more, most of which need editing, and I hope to show them here from time to time. Happy New Year, everyone!

32 thoughts on “St. Louis Cathedral

  1. Sandhya

    My husband and I went to NOLA last February as the city was getting ready for Mardi Gras. Loved the sites, jazz and the food. cannot wait to see your pics!

      1. Sandhya

        The first one started the day before we left and we were warned by the local guide that it would be raunchy and aimed at the local politicians 🙂
        My friend visited the following week – the week of the parades and enjoyed them but was not sure she should hav etaken her teenager 🙂

  2. Mél@nie

    we love NO, Louisiana – sold to the US by Napoléon… 🙂 during our 5 years spent in Houston, TX, we took there all our European guests!
    * * *
    MERCI-THANX for dropping by my virtual playground and my very best for 2020: health, joy and love! 🙂

  3. Prior...

    Great place to escape to with your spouse!
    And the photo you chose is nice with the architecture and sky – but my favorite part – ? The ribbons!
    I always love when we have holiday photos from a place- the wreath or green foliage – or the red ribbons–/
    Ahhhh – add a unique holiday touch that can enjoyed all year and at any time –

      1. Kirt D Tisdale

        I find New Orleans so unique….have taken a number of shots of the French Quarters and the Garden District using them for digital art inspiration, but never got any of the Cathedral! Again, great capture!!

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