Christmas Time in Wilton, NH

Wilton, NH is a quirky little town with a lot of charm. It’s an old mill town with unique shops along Main Street. One feature is that a cinema runs out of the town hall. It plays both old classics as well as recent releases. I made these images shortly before Christmas when they had luminaries lighting the downtown are. The bags were decorated by local school children.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Time in Wilton, NH

  1. suzannesmom

    I’ve loved luminarias since learning about them in the late ’70s. They look so pretty in snow. I didn’t do any this year, alas. Don’t know why, but I never really felt that frisson of Xmas spirit one often gets from the “Messiah” or “Amahl,” say. Broken families at the border? I don’t know. Maybe that’s part of it. Thank you for happy pictures.


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